Factory Farming - Don't Support Them

Factory farming should be shut down. It takes some understanding so you can see why you would want to withdraw your dollar support. I have watched this industry evolve for years and could not understand why they are allowed to continue. I see that it takes a lot of people to say NO. Be sure and watch the videos further on down this page.

Factory Farming - is NOT Ethical

Factory Farming

Mad Cow Disease

I became aware of mad cow disease back in 1999. I did some research and could easily see how it could come about. I found some information about it due to the occurance in Britain. I shifted my dollar over to the safest foods I could find. Wikipedia has a lot of information about mad cow disease in Britain as well as the United States.

I do not recommend any beef except for grass-fed. It's important to learn more about grass-fed versus grain-fed. You will find it easier to locate the best protein foods once you are informed.

Grazing Cattle - the Humane Choice

Grazing Cattle

Do We have Malnutrition in America?

When you look at the definition of malnutrition, which is taken from the Encarta® World English Dictionary, you might have to say YES.

Definition: Malnutrition

  • inadequate nutrition: a lack of healthy foods in the diet, or an excessive intake of unhealthy foods, leading to physical harm

Let's look at "an excessive intake of unhealthy foods." The inhumane farming methods result in unhealthy animals which are cut up, packaged and shipped out to you. We end up eating unhealthy food. This equates to malnutrition. When you watch this video, you'll gain a better understanding of this.

There are actually three short videos. Watch them in sequence. This link takes you to the Meatrix website.

The Meatrix

Healthy Protein Rich Foods

On the positive side, we do provide healthy eating advice. Please read our other articles so you know what your healthy protein choices are. We do have a lot of wonderful people in America. We need to protect them by supporting their work with our buying power.

Please feel free to email me if you have questions or comments. I am always happy to respond.

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