by Lauren
(Aliquippa, Pa)


I have been exercising and eating very healthy for the last 4 weeks, I felt great, all of a sudden the last three days..I have migraines, sore, tired, like depression, but its not depression, i know that...I am afraid i am not eating enough on a daily basis( 26 years old with a 4 1/2 yr old daughter.)

Please help if u can :)


Your question is difficult to answer since there can be many factors contributing to the situation you have encountered. If you are under a health practitioners care, it's important to work with them on these sort of matters.

In terms of beginning a new diet and exercise program, there can be unhealthy elements moving out of the body due to adding more nutritious elements and oxygen to the daily routine. This sort of thing varies from individual to individual.

Here's some ideas to look at...

  • Reduce Amount of Exercise One solution to help the discomfort is to reduce exercise somewhat - if you are doing the same exercise everyday, do it every other day and see if that helps. This allows the body to deal with unhealthy elements without so much discomfort just because it will be less.

  • Choose Organic Foods If you drastically changed your diet, you might consider going for a less drastic approach.

    To give you an example - if you are eating all processed foods and very little fresh fruits and vegetables, then switch to eating mostly fresh fruits and vegetables - that's drastic.

    Fresh fruits and vegetable have a cleansing effect in the digestive track. They also provide more nutrition throughout the body. This can begin eliminating unhealthy elements that may have been stored.

    One easy way to begin a more healthy diet is to switch the foods you are now eating to similar foods, but select the organic foods or foods that are not grown using synthetic chemicals or synthetic pesticides.

    Once your body feels comfortable with that change, take another little step. It will go easier one little step at a time if you have been eating really unhealthy foods.

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  • Reduce Synthetic Chemicals Another less drastic step is to reduce the synthetic chemicals and perservatives in processed foods. Look at the labels and buy processed foods that do not have questionable chemicals in them. You can tell this by reading the labels. If you don't understand the words in the ingredients list, it may not be good to eat.

    See more information:

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  • Drink Enough Water While doing the above, be sure to drink good water throughout the day. Our routine for drinking water is to measure out a quart of really good water four times a day.

    We try to drink a quart before breakfast, a quart before lunch, a quart before 5:00 in the afternoon and a quart before bedtime. We don't always make those targets but we usually drink three to four quarts of water a day.

    A rule I've heard from several sources regarding how much water to drink a day follows this formula:

    Your weight - divide by 2 = number of ounces of water you should aim to drink throughout the day.

    As you can see, I drink more than what the above formula recommends so you might want to use the formula as a starting point and see how that works. Increase as needed.

Hope this helps.


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