Eating in the USA

by Michelle


The USA need go back to eating more natural foods. The reason why so many Americans are eating processed food is because: Processed food is more convenient and in some cases cheaper. The United States is known as a “Processed Nation.” Peoples Natural Living


Thank you for your comment. We can use all the help we can get to spread the word that good wholesome foods are really available, don't we.

There's a free Internet Newsletter worth signing up for. Their site is called Organic Consumers at It helps us all stay on top of the Organic food industry which is at risk here in the United States due to the impact Pesticides and Genetically Modified Organisms are having. It’s important to continue to locate and protect our truly nutritious foods.

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I appreciate your comment and bringing this to my attention. It's a big help.


Janis Ihrig
Publisher of Natural Healthy Eating

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