Dry Chia Seeds


How should I store my dry chia seeds? I keep my soaked in a jar in the refrigerator, not sure about the dry. Some say in an airtight container, others say not, and some same it doesn't matter?

Thank you!


I don't store them in the refrigerator if they are whole chia seeds.

According to Dr. Wayne Coates, authority on chia seeds, they can be stored at room temperature for a few years. They contain a natural antioxidant which keeps them safe for years.

Chia seeds contain important omega fatty acids. When the omega fatty acids are exposed to excessive high temperatures, light and/or oxygen they go rancid - meaning the fatty acids no longer assist cellular activity. Instead, they tend to add a negative effect.

Apparently the fatty acid oils contained in chia seeds are not exposed to oxygen or light. I wouldn't want to subject them to extremely high temperature though.

There's more to know about the milled chia seeds. I'll be updating this post when I learn more.

Hope this helps.

-Janis Ihrig


You can learn more about Dr. Wayne Coates by going to AZChia and clicking on "Home" in the upper left corner.

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