Do Chia Seeds Benefit Joints?

by ashok


is chia seed benefit the body joints like the knee


Thanks for asking.

You can look at the little chia seeds as little nutrition containers which support the body's intricate functions. The body's joints are included. Here's how I see it.

With the joints, you have various connective tissues that pass along the energies from the connected muscles being worked. When the right nutrition is provided, those connective tissues are able to do their job.

If there has been some damage in the joint area, correct nutrition is needed for repair. Essential fatty acids are vital components to a healthy body. Chia seeds do contain them.

Regarding the body's joints, here's a little of what the essential fatty acids are used for:

  • helps lubricate our joints

  • helps to build cell membranes

  • transports minerals

  • strengthens immune cells

  • You can find more information about essential fatty acids in Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill by Udo Erasmus.

    I found that I need omega's from fish because I am not able to utilize enough from the chia seeds. Everyone is different though.

    You can read more about this at Omega 3 - Important to Know

    I hope this information helps you.

    - Janis

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