Chia Seeds - Proper Care and Shelf Life


What is the proper care for chia seeds and how long will they last when kept.


The care of the chia seeds depends on the brand you buy. Chia Seeds can be kept on your shelf for a few years without spoiling. Knowing where your chia seeds come from and how they are handled from the farm to your store is helpful.

Regarding Chia Seeds:

1. Have they already been in storage for a couple of years?
2. Have they been exposed to high heat during transport or storage?

You can call the company and ask. If you find that the person you talk to on the phone doesn't know, it might be better to select a better brand or keep refrigerated. I personally like to buy from those who know about their products. Just a simple phone call will usually give you the answers you need.

You can learn a lot more about how to buy chia. Just check out the following pages for more details:

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Thanks for asking your questions. It helps me and others tremendously.



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