Chia Seeds - Light Headed Question

by Ruth


I took chia seeds (in gel - mixed into my breakfast tuna mix)and am feeling a bit light headed. Is this normal for first use?


Thank you for asking. I haven't heard anyone becoming light headed after eating chia, but... everyone is different. I have become light headed at various times but not with chia.

The cells of the body take in nutrients and release waste. The cells of the brain do the same thing when given nutrients it can specifically use.

If you are on medication or under a doctor's care, you might consult with your doctor on that.

When I begin a eating a new food, I usually begin with very small amounts to let the body work through any adjustments. Then I increase a little after a few days if my body seems to be dealing with the new food okay.

Here's an article I have on my website that will provide you with more information about phytonutrients and antioxidants which chia seeds contain.


Good luck on understanding more about chia. It's quite an adventure since there are so many things you can do with it.



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May 25, 2013
Chia lightheaded too
by: Anonymous

Found this post because I'm having the same issue with a chai flax nut mix "breakfast pudding". Hits me as soon as I eat it. Not really a hunger issue. But feels like it. So kinda off-putting.

May 02, 2013
More on Light Headed Question
by: Janis Ihrig

I have been seeing a number of keyword searches to my website regarding chia seeds and light-headed. Not a lot, about 20 over a months time on average.

We are all different in our responses to food. The main point on this has already been written in my earlier response. It's important if you are on medications, to consult with your doctor when starting out on new foods.

My thoughts on the amount, I would start out on quite a bit less than a tablespoon a day. When mixing it with water or juice, I might start with a teaspoon. If no lightheaded result, increase if you feel like it. If you get lightheaded, I'd cut back more for a few days to see if it subsides.

I hope this helps.



Jun 19, 2012
I get light headed as well
by: Anonymous

I have been trying Chia seeds for a few weeks now, not everyday, but trying to take them 3 or 4 times a day as well.

Like the reader who posted the comment, I to get very light headed an hour or so after I drink the seeds in water.

Should I stop taking them?

Or just continue taking them and see if my body will adjust to then?

I take a tbsp of the seeds in about 20 oz of water.

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