Chia seeds in problems like - IBS, migraine, vertigo etc


Is chia seeds suitable for people with IBS problem or very weak digestion? Is it ok to have them in migraine and vertigo?


Thank you for asking these questions. I have not had any experience with IBS personally. I'd like to refer you to another websites where a person has had experience with chia seeds and IBS.

It's important that you evaluate the information yourself as well since everyone is different. One person's solution may not be appropriate for you.

This person seems to be able to provide her honest experience with chia seeds and IBS. If you are under a doctors care, you might want to share this information with him/her as well.

Help For IBS

You may also be interested in this book, "Clear Body, Clear Mind" which I have found extremely helpful in eliminating some of the ill effects we seem to develop in today's society.

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Clear Body, Clear Mind: The Effective Purification Program

If you have further questions, I'll be happy to respond.


Janis Ihrig

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