Chia Seeds as Appetite Suppressant

by Stephanie


I am trying to take them for an appetite suppresant and I don't see a direct answer on how to take them. I need to know how often and do I need to soak them or the best benefit for my appetite.

Thank you


Hi Stephanie,

I appreciate hearing from you. This is not an easy question to answer because we are all different demands and eating habits but I will give you my experience and let you decide if this will work for you.

I am a thin person and did take chia in three drinks a day to get full with as little attention to eating as possible. It was a big help as I was working and had little time to prepare meals.

You didn't say you are interested in losing weight but I assume you want to. The link below will take you to my story and will tell you how to do use chia throughout the day in three drinks. I chose Sunwarrior Protein, but you can use your favorite and see how that works for you.

Here's that story which should give you some insight, both the wrong way and the right way from my experience. (The wrong way can be done for a limited time but I don't recommend it for two months like I did.)

Overweight Chia Tips

If you have any further questions, please let me know.



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