Chia Seed Water Test

Chia Seed Water Test

Chia Seed Water Test

Picture Submitted by David Nephew November 2012

This is a picture of the chia seed water test, sent to me by David Nephew. He had read my ebook and was having some fun. What an enlightenment I had with this picture.

The brand on the left is Spectrum and the one on the right is Rainforest. I had recommended Rainforest to a few people as I found it to be a superior product. But, I should have known better... it was not grown by the company selling Rainforest and their chia seeds were grown by various farmers, some evidently not as good at it as others.

Here's what David wrote: "I took the attached phots just for fun last night. What you see are the results after 11 hours soaking. Fascinating and telling."

"The black ones were from a company called Spectrum; When I get the next batch of AZ seeds, I will do the same comparison with the brown ones, which were from RainForest.

"I used regular tap water with the same amount of seeds ( one scoop) and the same amount of water in each jar."

The best lesson learned here is: One test from a company is not always going to tell if they are consistently high quality throughout the year. - Janis

From these pictures, Spectrum did well. Rainforest looks like immature seeds and very low quality.

You can learn how to do the Chia Seed Water Test by going to Best Chia Seeds

Chia Seed Water Test with Milled Chia


How do I test Mila chia?


The chia seed water test will not work with Mila since they are only sold as a milled chia. Once the seeds are broken into parts, it does not gel the same way.

I've never purchased Mila, although from my research a few years ago, I discovered that my very favorite, best-ever chia (Chian) had changed ownership. The new owner was Lifemax, a network marketing company, who produces Mila. I was very disappointed since it was no longer whole seeds and about six times the price at the distributor membership price (much higher at retail).

So... I don't know what the integrity of their chia seeds are today. They could still be high quality but I am not able to test them with the water test. Here's another way to tell.


How can you tell before you buy if a company is going to provide quality chia seeds?


The Chia Seed Water Test picture was taken last November. I assume that Spectrum does not own it's own farms because they are a huge manufacturer with many products... but I don't really know.

It's important to know how much control a company has over the growing and harvesting of their chia. This will give you some insight into how their chia quality might be from one season to the next.

The problem that can be encountered is this: a company will buy from one supplier who source chia from many farms. All the chia coming in would not be the same.

I have found this to be true by buying from a few selected well known companies throughout the year. I've called them on the phone and actually shared some photos with one company so they could improve their quality. A good reputable company wants to improve. As the demand for chia has increased over these last two years, it has played havoc with the quality. One company told me they were even seeing nails in some of the batches of chia they were presented with.

While the industry gets better at improving their quality, I look for the following criteria from the manufacturer.

  • Owns the chia farms and controls the quality.

  • Has a contract with specific chia farms who grow quality chia under specifications of manufacturer.

    Note: this point has a tendency to drop out as demand for chia increases too rapidly. The manufacturer drops quality to deliver and proceeds to locate and train good chia farmers to meet quality demand.

  • Personally locates new chia farms as demand increases and oversees farming and harvesting procedures to the desired quality.

  • As new chia seed batches come in to be packaged, they are rigorously tested and cleaned as needed before packaging.

    (Note: chia seeds can't be washed but they can be cleaned by sifting through screens and by air blowing to remove dust and debris.)

If you find a phone number for the manufacturing company selling the chia, you can call them. Finding out where a company gets their chia is a good step. Companies usually tell me and are happy to answer my questions.

When I talked with the Rainforest rep, I learned they had their chia checked for quality at a lab before packaging. I was impressed with the fact they did laboratory tests. This statement is on their website - "We also test ALL finished goods for any microbial and pathogenic contamination." Re:

Please understand, Rainforest is a good company, they just did not have all the check points that ensure the quality chia seeds we are looking for.

There's more to look at as seen in the above Chia Seed Water Test. It's visual. Looking through a small magnifier, will show the small immature seeds. Debris can also be detected.

Chia Seed Companies to Check Into

The Chia Company - One company I have not tried yet is The Chia Company. They are out of Australia and own their farms. They use sustainable farming practices and say they ensure their chia seeds are consistently high quality.

If you live in the United States or Canada, AZChia is my preference, otherwise you might check into The Chia Company.

AZChia - Dr Wayne Coates has been connected with chia farming for over 15 years. He has been applying his knowledge to help provide high quality chia at low prices. I talked to his office recently and found out he personally monitors the growing procedures of the farms that provide them with the chia seeds that AZChia distributes.

I also learned that he personally checks the batches of chia as they arrive at his facility prior to packaging.

Since AZChia has been consistent and I do the water test with each new package, I'm very happy with their quality. I've been testing like this with AZChia for over two years now.

Here's a page with a link to the AZchia store. I'm an affiliate for them so will get compensated if you buy from them.


Here's the Chia Company's website. I am not an affiliate for this company.

The Chia Co

Here's their email address to see what they cost to ship to you if you are outside the United States, United Kingdom or Australia.

I hope this helps you find the quality chia you are looking for.

- Janis

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