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Chia Seeds as Appetite Suppressant

Question: I am trying to take them for an appetite suppressant and I don't see a direct answer on how to take them. I need to know how often and do I need to soak them or the best benefit for my appetite.

Thank you,

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Chia or Hemp seeds?

Question:  I used to take flax before the above came to be popular.

Now I can not stand flax after I tried chia seeds.

Mostly I want to know how much chia to take & how much water to mix this amount with the night before.

Oh, are the measurements recommended for the whole or the ground chia?


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Chia Seeds - Proper Care and Shelf Life

Question:  What is the proper care for chia seeds and how long will they last when kept.

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Health Issues / Benefits

Taking Chia with Medication…

Question:  I take 80 mg Asprin and I'm on high blood pressure medication is it good to take chia seeds? If yes how much can I take? Why I ask and concern is only because I've been doing research on Chia seeds and came across an article that said if you are on Asprin/high blood pressure medication you should not be taking Chia seeds. Any feedback is much appreciated. Thank you. Marylynne

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Improving Regularity - Appetite Suppressant - Bloating

Question: Can I eat chia seeds as is in a tablespoon at night? Will that give me good fibre to stay regular? I do drink a huge glass of water with it.

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Chia Seeds - Light Headed Question

Question: I took chia seeds (in gel - mixed into my breakfast tuna mix) and am feeling a bit light headed. Is this normal for first use?

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Do Chia Seeds Benefit Joints?

Question: Do chia seed benefit the body joints like the knee?

Answer: You can look at the little chia seeds as little nutrition containers which support the body's intricate functions. The body's joints are included. Here's how I see it.

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Question: Do i need to reduce my insulin when I take chia seeds and how much/ when to take them to not to mix badly with my meds.

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Health Benefits

Question:  How long will it take, consuming chia seeds, to see some benefits, such as improved BP or Blood Sugar?

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Overweight Chia Tips

Question:  I'm overweight, how do I use these chia seeds?

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How Much to Eat

Chia Seeds - How Much a Day

Question:  What quantities of chia seed is needed to be beneficial? Do I need to take 1 tablespoon per day or more? -by Val, (Qld. Australia). 

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How much chia can I safely eat?

Question: I generally prepare my chia seeds by putting 1-2 tablespoons in half to three quarters of a cup of water, putting that in the microwave ...

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How Much Gel to Use

Question: I'm new to using chia seeds and I find it difficult to transport my package to and from work. I've read 1 tablespoon of seed to 8 oz of fluid.

So if I'm creating the gel and want to add it to my 8oz of grapefruit juice, am I using that same 1 tablespoon of gel? I just want to be clear.

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Chia Gel Questions

Question:  I have just started using Chia seeds to make chia gel. I bought some at may local health food store and mixed 1/3 cup to 2 cups of water to get gel as directed by some website. Now how much of this gel should I use 3X/day?

Can the gel be used on hot ceral, soup?

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Chronic Pain - How Much Chia

Question:  About a year back a friend recommended I try Mila. I purchased six 16 oz. bags and proceeded to finish five bags (a scoop a day) over a 6 month period. Mila was supposed to help reduce my chronic arthritis pain; however, I did not get any relief. The same friend now tells me I didn't use enough and I need to take 3 scoops a day. Since I have a one bag left I will complete the bag following the 3 scoop recommendation. 

In the meantime, can I assume you recommend AZchia over Mila and how much per day would you recommend?

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How to Prepare

Grind Chia Before Eating?

Question: Do you need to grind the chia seeds before eating them? Also I put the seeds in my cooked oatmeal and then put soy milk on it, so am I still damaging the seeds by the heat of the oatmeal?

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Not Soaking Chia

Question: I like to eat my chia mixed in bio yogurt with fresh berries for breakfast.  I then drink lots of water throughout the morning. Is this ok???

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Is Blending Chia Seeds to Powder Okay to Eat?

Question:  Do I have to "gel" chia seeds? I have been putting them in a blender, turning them into a powder. My question is, should I eat the whole seeds or is it ok to turn them into powder? Thanks!

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Can I add chia (not gel) to my morning shake?

Question:  hi I just purchased chia seeds at health food store, id like to add to my morning shake can i just put the seed right into the drink? Or do i have to make into the gel first as you suggested here 

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How to Store

Dry Chia Seeds

Question: How should I store my dry chia seeds? I keep my soaked in a jar in the refrigerator, not sure about the dry. Some say in an airtight container, others say not, and some same it doesn't matter?

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Nutrition Questions

Mila vs Regular Chia

Question: Have you heard of Mila? At $55 per bag, I am worried that people are paying too much for benefits they can also get from Chia.

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Chia Seed Calories

Question:  Once I found and bought the chia seeds from Whole Foods, I then had no idea as how to use them. I was delighted to find them tasteless but intimidated by their caloric content. Since I am desperately tying to lose weight, I thought I would be better off by asking for your advice rather than relying on the conflicting stuff I have read on the Internet.

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AZChia Black vs White?

Question:  I went to the AZChia site and it looks like there is black chia seeds and white chia seeds. Which one do you buy? Which one is the best to buy?

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How much Omega 3, 6 and 9 in Chia

Question: What is the content of omega3, omega6, omega9 in chia seeds?

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When to Eat

Dry Chia Seeds Best to Eat Morning or Evening?

Question:  I'm going to start taking Chia seeds dry with water or juice once a can you pls tell me if its best to take it in the morning or evening?

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