Chia Seed Calories

by Nancy


Janis, You are so kind as to invite questions. I am brand new to chia seeds so I am very tabla rosa for whatever you need to teach me.

Once I found and bought the chia seeds from Whole Foods, I then had no idea as how to use them. I was delighted to find them tasteless but intimidated by their caloric content. Since I am desperately tying to lose weight, I thought I would better off by asking for your advice rather than relying on the conflicting stuff I havd read on the Internet.

Thanks so much for any advice you have to give me. I truly appreciate your generosity, Nancy


Hi Nancy, nice to hear from you. The calories in the chia seeds don't seem to be a problem from my experience. If it is a concern for you, you may want to count calories and limit some other food to make up for the ones in chia. There is so much value in chia that it would be a shame to avoid it for that reason.

I have actually experienced losing weight with chia so I'm going to give you this link to an article I wrote which will explain what happened to me.

Overweight Chia Tips

I hope this helps. If you have further questions, just let me know.



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