Chia Research - Time Frame?


Thanks for doing the leg work, I really appreciate the information but what time period is this? I'm in the market now for Chia Seeds, leaning towards the powder form and am curious how outdated these brands / your experiments might be. Thanks again.


You're welcome, and thanks for your question.

As of this writing, April 19, 2013, I've been doing chia research for over three years. During 2011 and 2012 I was busy trying a lot of brands. And... in 2012, a lot of the work (experiments or tests) was done for a book I was writing. It was June of 2012 that I came to the conclusion that AZChia was the most consistent in quality and low price.

I am continuing to use their brand to keep up to date with my research in comparing their quality during the different seasons. I am still very impressed. This last package creates a very thick gel when doing the water test. If you haven't seen the tests I do, see the following two articles.

I can never say that a particular brand will always be the best, which I have learned well by my mistakes (see my above article on the water test). Please know it's a job we all share to get good quality food.

Regarding the Chia bia Milled Chia

I have never tried the Chia bia milled chia sold at AZChia.  The water test is not workable on the powdered (or milled) chia I so haven't bothered to purchase it yet.  Because I have tested the AZChia brand I trust the Chia bia milled chia is high quality. This is because I know that Wayne Coates works with the Chia bia company in selecting their chia seeds.  

I spoke with a person at the AZChia office about a month ago. I learned that Wayne goes to the farms where he gets his chia seeds at various times of the year to monitor their growing procedures. He follows the procedures all the way to his delivery point where he inspects as well. This shows in their quality that I am finding.  

Buying chia seeds is an ongoing challenge in today's market. I'll be buying another brand in June to test as it's a part of my ongoing chia research. I hope the above information helps you out. If not, please feel free to ask more questions. 




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