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I have just started using Chia seeds to make chia gel. I bought some at may local health food store and mixed 1/3 cup to 2 cups of water to get gel as directed by some website. Now how much of this gel should I use 3X/day?

Can the gel be used on hot ceral, soup?

Where can I get the AZCHIA that you mentioned? Is it organic and does this matter? White or black?

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Chia Gel ... how much gel... 3X/day?

In the past, I used about two tablespoons of chia gel in my protein drinks in the morning and another tablespoon in a protein drink for lunch. I have since made a lot of changes in the way I use the gel.

A lot of people recommend adding chia to everything. I think, starting out, this is okay. There are a lot of nutrients in chia that our bodies have rarely received from our current normal eating habits here in the US.

The thing to watch for is how you feel and how much energy to you need throughout the day. If you are not hungry and you try to eat more chia and your stomach feels too full and uncomfortable, you probably didn't need to eat more chia right then.

Chia Gel ... used on hot cereal, soup?

You can use the chia gel on hot cereal or soup but if it's really hot, you may lose valuable enzymes and value from the omega 3's you want to get from the chia. Just let the food cool a little so it won't destroy the nutrients if you want them.

The Native Americans roasted chia seeds in an earthen pot over fire and then ground them up to use in various recipes. Chia is a food that you will have to learn how to use by trying various ways that you hear about.

You might find some ideas that work for a while and then your body will change. At the point it changes and you pay attention, you can find another way to eat the chia, to cut back or to increase, whatever is appropriate. I sometimes discontinue chia if I'm not finding a positive effect from eating it. And then I'll try it again, eating it a little differently, starting out with a little and then increasing it while seeing how I feel.

Chia Seeds ... About AZChia... ?

Here's where you can get the AZChia chia seeds as well as find out more about chia.

I did a lot of tests on AZChia's chia seeds, several other leading chia seed brands along with some others not so well known. My testing went on for about a year and a half. This following page link gives you the results that I came up with and one of the tests I used.

Best Chia Seeds - Why My Choice?

AZChia seeds are not organic. They are non GMO and no pesticides. They have used good farming practices for years as part of their study during Wayne Coates University days in the 1990's, prior to when AZChia started up. I've found a lot of things that matter more than an organic certification, for instance debris in the chia. AZChia has been consistently clean when tested.

Even so, I do know that when a company expands, demands for their product does present problems. Last year when I talked with AZChia support, I learned that they have had to seek out other reputable chia farmers to be able to meet the demand. I was told that Dr Coates does monitor their chia sources to ensure quality.

When I get a new container of chia seeds, I always do my tests to ensure it's the quality I expect. Here's a link to where you'll find my tests that you can do when you buy any brand of chia seeds: Best Chia Choices.

As far as white or black, I've tried to eat the white seeds twice. I just don't feel good about eating them. I prefer the black, but also there's more colors that you'll find mixed in with the black in some brands. It's not as simple as black or white or brown.

What is your main interest in eating chia? That's another criteria I follow when I eat chia. Is it for more energy, to lose weight, for the omega 3's or for better all round nutrition? Start collecting answers to all these question as you do your research on my site as well as others.

Here's a wonderful bookmarking tool that Glen developed for a company. It's in beta but is pretty stable and it's FREE. We are excited to share it. Watch the video to see how to use it.

Hope I've adequately answered your questions.



And, please feel free to email me if you have questions. I am always happy to respond.

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