Cacao Beans
Details and Where to Buy

Raw Cacao Beans (updated October 2012) make healthy chocolate treats if you have the healthiest ingredients. This is so important that I want to give you more details about them.

Products of the Cacao:

Beans, Nibs, Powder (also known as Cocoa Powder), and Butter

I personally use only the raw cacao nibs, raw cacao powder and raw cacao butter in my recipes. I used to buy the cacao beans a few years ago and eat them plain, but I really do prefer my chocolate treats and don't have a desire for the beans anymore.


I'll refer to all the cacao products as beans since that is where they begin before processing.

I have found the best cacao beans coming out of Ecuador. But... don't trust all beans coming from Ecuador. They are definitely not all the same. I use to list other companies that I thought were good, but after finding how great the Sunfood cacao really is and then testing it for over nine months by eating every day, there's no comparison.

I have a sister that has been my cohort in chocolate eating since childhood. I began providing her with my samples of raw cacao treats for a few years now. She moved away and I now send her a cacao treat care package every week for her and her husband. She gives me feed back as to what's the best and what isn't so great. Well, since finding the Sunfood cacao and with the right recipe, she notices if I change to some other ingredient. Sooo... I think it's a winner.

There are companies out there that sell gmo cacao as well as microbe laden beans. Buyer beware.

See "Where to Buy" further on down this page.

Best Value - My Number One Choice:

  • Certified Organic
  • Ecuadorian
  • Processed below 118 F
  • Nibs softer than most and blend well in recipes
  • Low to no microbe count
  • Usually Available
  • Cacao Powder truly raw, (more available nutrients)
  • Cacao Butter truly raw, (in my recipes - mixes easily in blender when shaved into pieces - no need to melt it)

Where to Buy:

Sunfood - "My Number One Choice" for cacao products. Things change in this industry and Sunfood has gone through some changes as well. But they have remained on top for years and are now even more stellar in providing high quality products.

To understand more on why I have chosen Sunfood as My Number One Choice, here is a video I highly recommend you watch.

(You can learn more about the Sunfood cacao products by visiting their website.)

Updated October 2012 after testing:

I have removed all my other sources for raw cacao beans, nibs, cacao butter and cacao powder since the Sunfood brand has proven to be the best on the market for me. I've tested this brand consistently, eating a chocolate treat containing their cacao products every day during this year 2012.

I must confess I have encountered a limit I can eat during one day. Don't over do since it is easy with cacao if you don't balance it with other good foods. I now eat two ounces a day instead of four or six ounces of my cacao treat. (List of ingredients include are cacao nibs, cacao powder, cacao butter, mesquite, powdered minerals, stevia and coconut oil.)

I've learned to balance this treat with a new recipe containing Spirulina Crunchies and coconut oil. I'll have to get the recipe up since it's truly a great combination for a quick and easy meal along with a nutritious protein drink before or after. With these combinations, I don't need to eat as much cacao. I'm very satisfied. I eat the Spirulina Crunchies first, then the Cacao. Then I drink a good protein drink a little later. It's a meal for me at the end of the day. My first two meals are more hearty.

Just go to Sunfood Superfoods to check out their Cacao products.

Which Do You Choose?

Here's a good comparison of the cacao beans I found on the Sunfood website before the page was taken down. (David Wolfe is no longer the owner of Sunfood Nutrition and there have been some changes there.)

Cacao Bean Comparison

I have actually seen a product in my health food store showing the actual whole beans inside the package having a see-through window. They looked very similar to the sample on the right.

But... when you buy the nibs, you don't see the whole beans so you have to guess what they looked like before they were broken up. You don't know what you are getting unless the company certifies they are microbe free or very low count.

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