Where to Buy Chia Seeds

Where do you buy chia seeds today? (Updated Feb 2016) They are sold everywhere. You really don't have go very far.

But... all chia seeds are NOT the same. Here's what I ran into.

There is a "truly big" difference in WHERE and HOW they are grown. I have even found that "organically grown" are not necessarily the best.

  • Climate - there is a limited area that the Salvia Hispanica (which is the chia seeds we are buying today) will grow well. Here's a map to give you some idea where it grows best.
  • Chia Plants grown without other seed crops - It's hard to harvest the chia and deliver it to the consumer when grown in the wild with other seed foods. I encountered various other seeds mixed in with Chia from various brands.
  • Professional Harvesting - when the chia are harvested, you may find small sticks or twigs, dirt and other debris mixed in when the wrong harvesting equipment has been used.
  • Professional Cleaning - Even with low quality harvesting, it could be corrected with high quality cleaning procedures. You don't want bug parts or dirt or twigs in your chia package.
  • Professional Packaging - Packaging should take place soon after harvesting. I experienced finding moldy or damp chia stuck together due to improper handling prior to packaging.

    • My Choice When Buying Chia

      After going through a lot of different companies trying to find the best chia, I finally found AZChia. If you want to read the full story you can go to my article, The Best Chia Seeds - Why My Choice

      You can also go over to AZChia and take a look at their website. Wayne Coates, the founder of AZChia, began studying Chia Seeds in the 1990's and did a lot of work in learning just where these little seeds grow best, the machinery used to harvest them and bring them to market.

      Dr Coates is Professor Emeritus of the University of Arizona. He focused his career on new crop development which included all aspects of planting test plots, developing equipment for field operations, processing and commercialization.

      One of the crops under his research was the chia plant. His contribution of the chia cultivation in bringing it to a worldwide market is extraordinary.

      When you read my personal story about finding AZChia The Best Chia Seeds - Why My Choice, you can understand why I consider Dr Coates contributions helped to impart the AZChia seeds as the best choice in chia.

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