Where to Buy Chia Seeds

Where do you buy chia seeds today? (Updated 11-7-12) They are sold everywhere. You really don't have go very far.

But... all chia seeds are NOT the same. Here's my choice!

Over the years I found out there is a "truly big" difference. That difference has to do with WHERE and HOW they are grown. I have even found that "organically grown" are not necessarily the best.

Product: Whole Chia Seeds (black and white)

Source: AZChia

Why Best Value: They seem to have more "nutritional impact" than all others I have tried. I'm not saying nutritional content. I'm saying nutritional impact.

What happens after you eat food. Is it taken in and used by the various organs and cells. Is it providing more energy, fulfilling your appetite, avoiding that "always-wanting-something-else" feeling?

High nutritional impact may be the result of the ideal growing locations as well as the ideal growing procedures.

You might want to read my story on what I went through to find this particular brand of chia - why I consider them to be the best chia seeds out there.

Where to Buy Chia Seeds for the Best Price: I had to do a little calculation to figure out what the best price is since there are so many opportunities to buy chia. Some use to be lower on Amazon but right now that is not the case. I did a lot of research over the last few years and became concerned about food import quality from questionable suppliers. When you can't tell where they come from, the next best thing is to find a phone number and call.

So from my calculations and investigation, I found:

  • AZChia (grown in South America) - $ 0.47 / ounce
  • Navitis (grown in Mexico) at $ 0.84 / ounce

My choice... just go to AZChia for the best price and the best quality. They are consistently better than others I have found. They are located in Arizona and ship quickly.

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