Benefits to Exercise - How to Get Them

What are benefits to exercise? Get really familiar with the following definition for "exercise" so you can find and get the benefits you are personally looking for.

You'll find lots of examples of exercises here, that you can benefit from, and you may even want to participate and create some pages sharing your own types of exercise with others that visit this site.


Exercise: bodily exertion for the sake of developing and maintaining physical fitness


A Sample List of Benefits to Exercise

Here is a list of benefits to exercise that I have developed over the years. Please use it as a sample to develop your own list of benefits that you are looking for. I'll be filling in more links so check back by joining our RSS feed for updates.

  • Simple eye exercises for eye strain?
  • Improve my overall health
  • Help to tone and firm up my muscles
  • Strengthen my heart muscles
  • Increase my lung capacity
  • Knowing how to relieve stress
  • Having natural sleep aids that are easy to do.
  • Have a radiant complexion
  • Improve my circulation
  • Improve my posture
  • How about ways to flatten the stomach.
  • Ensure I remain agile as I age
  • Help to balance my pH
  • Gain more strength and stamina
  • Be happier as I age
  • Avoid osteoporosis
  • Improve my balance
  • Improve my digestion

You may also want to read my article on the Importance of Exercise to Healthy Eating which will help you see even more value in exercising.

And... if you have any special exercises that benefit you, we'd love to hear about them. Just go to Types of Exercise and you'll find our form where you can create your very own page for your story.

Use It or Lose It

What a true statement. My father studied to be a concert pianist. I am told he was really good. The war came in 1939 and he had to shift his life to meet expenses. He worked using his hands for a different reason - for Goodrich Tires. As life unfolded for him, he became a plumber to support 5 children. His hands were not the hands of a pianist anymore. He made the choices and as you can see, you change your own body to do the tasks you do the most work in.

We can find exercises for just about anything. If we don't look for them or develop them, we will not practice them. I have found eye exercises, balance exercises, facial exercises, a look and feel younger exercise, and a recovery from being tired after work exercise. Make your list and see what exercises are available.

Goals Set the Stage

You are the player, your goals set the stage for the action. Your body is for use. Determine what you want to do with it and you will be able to determine what benefits to exercise are for you.

Once you do that, you can locate the best exercise programs for your particular needs. There are many to choose from. Three steps:

  1. Set your Goal or Goals
  2. Determine the actual physical structure and skills you will need to perform well when going after your goals.
  3. List the benefits to exercise you need and refer to them when looking for the specific exercises that will result in those benefits.

Healthy Eating Habits Get Results

When building your body, it is important to provide the body the food that will give you the result. Healthy eating and exercise go hand in hand. Walking for 30 minutes to an hour a day, can be wearing if you are not getting the nutrition you need. In fact, you might find it very hard to do, if not impossible.

Healthy eating habits can make a big difference because you are eliminating poisons in your food from pesticides and synthetic chemicals by eating organic or sustainably grown foods. Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables add to your program because they come with their own enzymes and are easily digested.

How often do you want to sleep after a big meal? Learn how to balance your carbohydrates, proteins and fats so you are eating for action instead of napping.

I met a woman who had made some significant changes in her life. She was over 70 years old and her outlook on life was truly a delight. You'll feel very uplifted after watching her video below and you may want to stop by her website - Reaching for 100, whatever your age.

How to Make Your Exercise Plan Work for You

Here's a list of other articles found on this site that will strengthen your benefits to exercise and help you succeed.

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