AZChia Black vs White?


I went to the AZChia site and it looks like there is black chia seeds and white chia seeds. Which one do you buy? Which one is the best to buy?


Thanks for writing. In my opinion, the best is the black chia seeds. I've tried the white chia from other brands and didn't like them. I haven't had any interest in trying AZChia's white seeds. I may in the future.

From what I've read on the AZChia website, there is very little nutritional difference in the white or the black chia.

In my opinion, there may be individuals that do well with the white chia seeds. Just for the fact they are white - there is that difference.

If you are interested in them, that may be reason enough to try them. They last a long time so you might get both kinds and try one and then the other to see if you can determine a difference. Here's the link to the store.

AZChia Store

I hope this gives you some ideas. Please let me know if you have any more questions.



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