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This site is about your choices of healthy foods. (Updated 7-10-13) Glen and I (Janis) were finding it more and more difficult to find healthy foods because the quality kept getting worse over the last 25 years.

By facing up to this fact and doing a lot of research, we have kept ahead of this trend and know how to tell what is nutritious and what should be avoided. Our goal has been to remain active and healthy throughout our lives and finding nutrient dense food is a big part of that.

The High Cost of Cheap Food

Here's an informative video to watch by Paul Hawken, someone I knew of in the early 1980's. Paul Hawken was closely associated Erewhon, a unique natural food store which became a model for many natural food stores over the years.

This video - "The High Cost of Cheap Food" will shed some light on why we look at the organic and sustainable foods rather than the Big Agricultural-industrialized foods found in all mainstream grocery stores.

Our Fast Food History

We weren't always as strict about healthy foods as we are now. When we were younger, we got away with a lot more.

We have been married for over 26 years and on our honeymoon, we ate a meal at Kentucky Fried Chicken. That was the last time we ate there. We were always health minded, but on the road we took what we could get. And most of the time we enjoyed it.

For the next 6 years, we would try a taco from Taco Bell or a burger at Carl's Junior once in awhile. In Glen's younger years, he loved Arbies roast beef. Our last event of eating on the road was at Arbies. We bought roast beef sandwiches and strawberry milkshakes. The shake tasted like plastic and the roast beef was relatively tasteless. That was it. We knew we were done with the fast food industry. That was somewhere around 1988.

Healthy Fast Foods

In the 1990's, we shopped mainly at healthfood stores. Eating healthy was trying to avoid all the bad things that were going into the foods at that time. But we did have our weaknesses. We both loved Red Hot Blues, a healthy and HOT blue-corn chip. We were addicted to those things. We made our own nachos, with our own salsa and raw cheese. We were eating them as often as 3 times a week before we decided they weren't good for us anymore.

Something had changed. The original manufacturer was taken over by another health food manufacturer who seemed to be buying up a lot of other manufacturing companies. We began noticing changes in a lot of the health foods that we purchased. We shifted our buying over to foods that we had more control over. We quit eating mayonnaise, quit eating soy products, quit eating most of the foods that were making my cooking days a little lighter -mainly packaged foods.

Over the years I learned to adjust. I've found foods that are even better and still spend just as little time in the kitchen as I use to.

And Today...

We are now in the 21st Century, genetically modified foods are in more than ever, and I am even more cautious as to what foods I buy.

The hybrid tomatoes began looking more and more artificial. They have a flat taste. I quit eating them when the real tomatoes aren't in season. During the summer months we welcome the heirloom tomatoes. They come in many colors and are truly nutritious.

We now always try to buy organic and sustainably grown foods. Oh yes, and foods grown in the wild are probably even safer. The seeds have not been tampered with.

Here are a few links for you to investigate some really wholesome foods we've found.

Best Chia Seeds
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Special Superfoods

So Why are We Doing This Website?

We care about you. We care about our future generations. Life can be more than worries about food and money. There's a bottom line that must be met though. Body's depend on real food so life can focus on more meaningful events.

And... of course, we use money to buy real food. We look for ways to stretch that food dollar without cutting quality. You can learn about

how to afford healthy foods by clicking the link.

Life is about loving what you do, sharing and helping others - creating a better world where people are happier and winning in their chosen fields.

We hope you find value in this site. If you have something you would like to see more of, or something that you don't like, please let us know. We are here to help you.



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